Escort Service

What To Expect From An Escort Service

Many gentlemen who have not booked an escort before really aren't sure what to expect from an escort service. There are, of course, different types of escort service. The vast majority are escorts who offer sexual services and the ones most sought after by men. There are also male escort services, that may be straight male escorts or gay male escorts.

So let's start with the most common type of escort service. The female escort. Female escorts may be independent escorts or agency escorts. That is they may offer their services directly themselves or they may be promoted by and escort agency. There are hundreds of escort agencies in the UK and all the major cities and towns have them. Then there are thousands of independent escorts scattered across the country, but the majority based in or around the big cities and towns.

When you do a search on the internet for escorts you're going to find that you get hundreds of results. You add in the name of your location and you get the results for escort agencies and independent escorts near you. There are a few subtle differences between agency escorts and independent escorts that we'll discuss now.

If you book an escort through an escort agency it's likely that somewhere on the agency site there will be a disclaimer of some kind. It will say that escorts are booked for their time and companionship only. Or something similar. That's because it would be illegal to overtly promote sexual services. Even though we all know that's what this is all about! Independent escorts on the other hand can take a slightly different approach and be a bit more open about what they do.

Most agency escorts are straightforward companions booked for sexual services. They may be straight or bisexual. If they are bisexual you may be able to book an escort duo (two girls) or some bisexual escorts will happily meet with a couple. Its' not uncommon for escort agencies to have escort on their books who are into role play or maybe a bit of light domination. The majority though are women you will book for some intimate pleasure. Although some do, escort agencies shouldn't really advertise the type of sexual services their ladies provide. On some sites you may see things such as OWO [oral without a condom]. Escorts generally practise safe sex, so you can expect to use a condom. The escorts will normally provide these, but have some with you just in case!

Independent escorts on the other hand are sometimes quite specific about what they will and will not do. You will also find that most fetish escorts or those into BDSM are independent ladies.

Escorts Are Friendly Girls!

Escorts are by virtue of the job they do, friendly girls. They are used to meeting new people all the time and you'll find that they should be able to put you at ease very quickly if you're feeling nervous. If it's your first time visiting an escorts just let her take the lead. Believe us, she knows what to do!

Escorts are like any other woman. They like to be flattered and pampered as much as you do! They all have different personalities. Some are high energy girls whilst others take a slower and more sensual approach. A good escort agency should be able to give you advice about which escort might be the right one for you. Just tell them what you're looking for. Escort Agency staff are used to dealing with questions and queries. Don't be afraid to ask! When you book through an escort agency you're not speaking to the escort herself, but receptionists at the agency should know all the girls on their gallery and can help you choose the right one.

When you book an independent escort however, you can usually speak directly to the lady. We say usually because sometimes they might have a friend answer their phone if they're busy. If you are looking for an escort who will enjoy particular types of adult fun and games then you might be better off looking at an independent. But do ask the escort agency. As we say, they have to be more careful about what they say on their website, but it's a different matter when you speak to them.

You can expert your escort to provide you with a fulfilling time! These ladies are experienced in what they do. They know how to press all the right buttons to ensure that you get full satisfaction. Escorts are also very understanding. If you're worried about your performance, don't. These girls have seen it all! But do talk to your escort. She isn't a mind reader!

Many clients get to know a particular escort and build a sort of relationship. They may take the escort out to dinner before returning to their hotel room or home for some intimate fun. We say sort of because the 'Pretty Woman' scenario is pretty rare! Remember this woman is not your girlfriend, even though it might sometimes feel like it. If you do start to see the same escort over and over again just be careful you're not getting emotionally involved. But as a sign of appreciate it's ok to take her the odd gift.

In short, unless you are someone who is into extreme sexual games, you'll find that an escort will satisfy your sexual needs. Perhaps the ultimate fantasy for many men, booking an escort duo can be a dream come true. Spending time with two beautiful and open-minded women is something most men only dream of, but you can make it a reality!

An escort can provide you with an amazing sexual experience. Often the experience is all the better because you know there are no strings attached. Many men find this gives them the freedom to explore their desires in a way they find impossible with their partner.

Many escorts are intelligent women who can talk about many topics, have a good grasp of current affairs and are generally good listeners. Clients often visit escorts as much for the opportunity to talk to someone and off-load their worries as they do for the sexual thrills!